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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a compilation of software for a specific task you want to do with your computer.

How do I install a bundle?

There are two ways to install a bundle.

The first way is to click on Download. On the right side is a small box, titled "Settings". With a click on "change" you can change the GUI (Kubuntu (KDE, Xubuntu (XFCE) or Lubuntu (LXDE) in use and what software sources and licences shall be installed. After clicking on "Save" you will need to click on Download again to get back to the software selection page.

You can now make a rough selection of the software you want to install, according to the tasks you want to perform with your computer (e. g. editing graphics). When a category is chosen a list of published bundles will appear on the right side. When a bundle is marked as "Installed by default" it will be preselected. Every change you make is saved immediately. With a click on "Install" you can install the selected bundles on your computer. If not already done, you need to install the software sources first.

The second way of installing with Communtu is by installing a bundle directly. To do so, click on Bundle and next on All published bundles. You now see a overview of all published bundles in Communtu sorted by the name. Again, if not already done you need to install the sources (a click on "Add sources" should do the trick) and with a click on "Install through meta-package" will install the bundle on your computer.

How do I create a Live-CD?

You can create a Live-CD with Communtu in two different ways: using the download page or directly via a bundle.

Creation using the download interface

For this you choose the categories in the Download area that you want to install. With a click on "Live-CD/DVD" in the menu you can see a page where you can enter a name for your Live-CD. With a click on Create Live-CD/DVD the process will be started. This takes some time and you will be informed via e-mail* when the ISO is created.

Creation with bundle

When you want to create a Live-CD from a single bundle, e. g. you want to use a your own non-published bundle, your have to go to Bundle -> My bundles or Published bundles and search for a bundle. With a click on the CD icon on the right side in the Install section you come to the Live-CD page. With a click on Create Live-CD/DVD a Live-CD with will be created from the selected bundle. This takes some time and you will be informed via e-mail* when the ISO is created.

* A valid e-mail address is needed!

Which packages are in your repository?

The source packages.communtu.org contains only metapackages matching the corresponding Communtu bundle. We do not offer any software; but the repositories listed here are used by Communtu.

How can I create a bundle?

For this you click on Bundle and then on "New bundle". On the left side you can see a list with programs and on the right side you can see an empty list. This is the bundle editor. With a click on the Plus-icon in the left list you can add programs to your bundle. When you are finished with adding programs to your bundle you must click on the save symbol. Now you have to enter a meaningful name for your bundle, state the version of your bundle and provide a description so that other users will know what your bundle is about. In order to get the bundle rated and commented you need to publish your bundle. Attention: publish a bundle only if you are sure it will not be changed in the near future! Editing the bundle when it is published is not possible.

If you think that a programs fits into one of your bundles you can edit it (assuming it is not published). To do this go to Bundle and then to "My bundles". Click on the bundle you want to edit. Choose "Edit package list" from the dropdown list on the right side. Now you're in the bundle editor again. When finished changing your package list it needs to be saved. Raise the version number and save the bundle. It is now updated.

How can I rate a bundle?

You go to "Bundle" and click on "Published bundles" to view all bundles. There you can rate a program with up to five stars and, after that, a commentbox appears where you have to enter a comment to justify your rating.

How can I change a bundle?

Click on "Bundles" -> "My bundles", which shows you your bundles, and then you click on the bundle you want to change. All important information concerning this bundle is now shown. With a click on "Actions" you can edit the bundle or the package-list. If the bundle is not published, you can delete it or publish the bundle, if you would like to do so.

How do I create a bundle with my currently installed programs?

Under Bundle and "New bundle" you can find the entry "Create bundle from a packages-list", which can be clicked. It is described how you can upload a package-list to Communtu. As soon as the bundle is created it is the same procedure when creating a new bundle: enter a meaningful name, state the version, add the description and save it.

How can I suggest new programs?

This is not hard. You open up the bundle editor (reachable via Bundle) and click on "Suggest repository". Enter the link to the program and shortly tell us why we should add this program to Communtu.

What is a repository?

A repository is a collection of programs. With your package manager (Synaptic in Gnome and XFCE, KPackageKit in KDE) you can install programs from repositories. At the same time you receive updates for the installed programs via your package manager. Further information about repositories can be obtained here.

How do I find the Communtu sources in my system?

You can find the Communtu sources under "System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Other Software". They can also be deactivated here.

The deactivation does not involve unstalling packages nor will updates be held back for installed software. Updates are still obtained from the official sources and those, which Communtu might have added.

How do I delete the metapackages?

To reach the package manager Synaptic you navigate to "System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager". In the lower left part you click on "Origin". In the list above search for "packages.communtu.org" and click on it. In the right part of the window you will now see all metapackages available at Communtu. To remove a metapackage from your system you make a right click on it and choose "Mark for Removal". With a click on "Apply" it will be uninstalled.

Packages are not being uninstalled and can be removed as normale via Synaptic or KPackageKit.

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