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Ways to participate

Using the platform

We would be very delighted if you would use Communtu to carry out an installation. We already have many bundles which are set up to specific characteristics. Maybe one of the bundles is suitable for you. Furthermore you can upload your own package-list to share it with other users. This is the most simple way to create a bundle, but you don't have to publish it. Of course you can use Communtu only as a saving place for your package list so you can install it on an other computer.

We need the information

You think you already know a lot about Open Source programs? Write your experience into the comments of the according package our maybe you have seen a video of the program at YouTube? Add the video to the corresponding program.


We need feedback. Our desire is that Communtu will be used by everyone and for this we need feedback. You found an error in the system? Is there something that is incomprehensible to you? You think you could do something better? You have some suggestions for us? Feedback is accepted under info@communtu.de.


For the development of the project we currently need support with these two jobs:


We need someone who is responsible for the project's layout. This means to integrate every graphic and to take over the main responsibility for the CSS.


Since we have many ideas for the platform's further development, we need programmers. Ideally you already have some experience with Ruby on Rails.

We can also help you to learn this programming-language. You just have to contact us.

Click and tell me what is unclear to you.