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Communtu - match Ubuntu to your personal needs

Why Communtu?

Ubuntu is a linux-based distribution which makes Linux easier to use and more comprehendible. After the installation of Ubuntu via a CD or DVD your computer is already equipped to surf the internet, to do some word processing and to do much more.

There are many applications which have to be post-installed, e. g. programs for audio, video and graphics, in order to really make the computer able to use Ubuntu. Communtu helps to make the installation of additional software easier, and furthermore, has special sections for beginners and users coming from Windows.

How do I use Communtu?

To start, choose Download. .) There you can edit your settings. First, you have to specify the basic data, such as which Ubuntu version you want to install on your computer. Additionally, you must specify if you want to use free or commercial software. Finally you must indicate for which purposes you want to use your computer.

After clicking on "Save and choose packages" you can get a detailed overview of the installed bundles and programs and the possibility to change the pre-made selections. In the case you don't have the time or energy to choose the packages in detail, just click on "Save". This leads you to the installation page. There you will find a button which starts the installation process. This takes some time because the applications have to be downloaded from the internet and installed on your computer. When finished, you have an all-round Ubuntu-PC!

Important: a fast internet-connection is needed. For Ubuntu-users with a slow internet-connection, e. g. a modem, we intend to introduce a feature to create CDs and DVDs automatically.


In order to use Communtu you need to register yourself. To do so, just click on the "Registration"-button in the menu above.

Source code

Communtu is written in Ruby on Rails. Communtu's source code is open source, published under the Affero GNU public license and can be accessed via github. Communtu also has a bug tracking system: trac.communtu.org.


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